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Condor Ratchet Tie-Downs

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Condor® Ratchet Tie-Downs (Part #: Ratchet 1.5")

We couldn't find Tie-Downs that satisfied us, so we designed our own!

The CONDOR® Quick-Cam Ratchet Tie-Down Straps with their Extra Wide Hand Grips, makes it easy to tie down any powersport vehicle QUICKLY, SAFELY, and most of all, SECURELY. All Condor Ratchets have built-in Soft Loops which allow the webbing to easily wrap around all handlebar mounts, frames or other mounting points. The double stitching and rubber coated hooks protect your valuable cargo while providing maximum tension with minimum effort. The long 7-Foot length works for applications where most tie-downs come up short.

Our Quick-Cam Inverted Design makes it easy to tighten and position the buckle and surplus strap down by the floor, where it will not damage paint, and they are fast to operate and will not slip, even under extreme loads.

CONDOR Ratchet Strap Covers (SOFT COVER) are available for added scratch protection if desired.
Perfect for all motorcycles, ATV's, snowmobiles, and virtually anything that needs to be strapped down. Make your life easier with our Condor brand tie-downs.

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