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The GARAGE DOLLY with Trailer Adapter Kit

If you are receiving this mailing piece, it’s because you are one of our valuable Condor motorcycle dealers, or trailer dealers.  And our new Garage Dolly (which is NOT available through Distributors) can make you a lot of money, so please take a few minutes to read this.

We’ve been making our Dolly’s on 2 shifts for over 6 months, with our robotic welding machine, and still haven’t caught up to sales.  Customers LOVE this product, and it’s just the first step in a family of products revolving around it.  

The Dolly makes it easy for a customer to move any motorcycle around in his garage safely and easily to make more room for cars, other bikes, and all the other things that go into a garage.  AND, now it can also be used in a trailer to transport all motorcycles, just like our famous wheel chocks.

Please watch the video below to see how it works in a garage and in a trailer, and then scroll down to see the accessories we have that make the Dolly even more versatile.

Condor® Motorcycle Garage Dolly with Trailer Kit
Watch The Motorcycle Garage Dolly In Action!
With our new Garage Dolly Trailer Adapter kit, which mounts to the floor of any trailer platform, you can now attach the Dolly to your trailer. Then simply ride or roll your motorcycle into the dolly, and tie it down just like you would with any of our wheel chocks. This makes the Dolly a true dual purpose device . . . for daily use in your garage, and as a trailer chock for those times you need to haul your bike.

By now, we have shipped several hundred of our Garage Dolly units, and have only positive comments from customers. They have told us and sent photos showing they've been using them on all types of motorcycles.

We also received some feedback from those who have been using them on various “Adventure Bikes” with very tall seat heights. Those tall seat heights have made it challenging for some folks to straddle the bike and remove it from the chock on the dolly, or even just to get off the bike once it has been driven into it. So we have come up with a solution.

Height Assist Footrests

The Height Assist Footrests are powder coated steel brackets that easily bolt to the sides of the unit, wherever one needs to place them, and offer the user a place to plant their feet to help when getting on and off the bike, and to provide excellent leverage to remove the bikes from the Dolly. In effect, it lowers the bike’s seat height more than 2 inches for easier operation.

Retail Price:  $74.95 plus shipping

Garage Dolly Extensions for extra-long Wheelbase bikes

Many of our customers have asked us to provide a solution to placing their custom bikes and choppers with extra-long wheelbases on our Garage Dolly. We have developed the Garage Dolly Extension unit for just that purpose. It bolts on easily to the end of the main frame, and will add another 18” making the dolly a full 108” long. We've added another set of 4" wheels to the bracket for the extension, so it will roll just as easily as the Dolly does without the Extension.

$139 plus shipping

Chopper Chock Cradle

Also, if that custom bike also has a low-slung ‘Hugger" fender you can also order a Chopper Chock cradle for the Dolly, specifically for tire sizes 90mm, 120, 130, 140 and 150mm. The Chopper Chock Cradle will ensure that your fender won't be damaged.

$69.00 plus shipping

Trike Conversion Kit

Our next accessory that we’ll be launching soon, is our Trike Conversion Kit, which will allow our Dolly to accommodate all Trikes, to easily move them around in the garage.

Now for a limited time, on qualifying orders, we will ship the Dolly and all accessories to your dealership absolutely FREE. So don’t delay – Call Today for the details. 

Ken Glassman, Marketing Director 847-394-2646
And if you don’t want to take my word about how good our Garage Dolly is, here is a link to read the review of our Dolly from
American Iron.
In fact, every major magazine, and motorcycle web site has reported on this product.

And remember . . . All Condor Products are Made in the USA

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