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Limited time offer: Save $5 on Condor Helmet Hangars

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Limited time offer:
Save $5 on Condor Helmet Hangars


Condor Helmet & Jacket Hangars are ideal for all motorcycle gear and helmets. Hanging will keep your gear safe, and help them dry out so they stay fresh smelling, and won't get musty.

On the left is our Mount-Type Helmet Hangar with a flat top, to screw into the wall of a trailer, or in your garage or closet.  On the right, is our Universal Helmet Hangar with an S-hook at the top to hang over a clothes rod, a door, an office divider, or tent truss.

You can also hang your jackets on either type of Hangar.  Sturdy steel construction with rubber stripping protects helmets.  Choose the style that best suits your needs.   Regularly $19.95. 

Buy now and save $5.00. Use coupon code save5 in Shopping Cart prior to checkout.

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