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Garage Dolly with FREE Height Assist Footrest Brackets Special

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Meet the NEW expandable Motorcycle Garage Dolly!

Condor’s newest hot product is our Motorcycle Garage Dolly.  Now, for the month of November, we will include our optional accessory, the Height Assist Footrest brackets (a $75.00 Value) ABSOLUTELY FREE, when you order your Garage Dolly. Here's how:

1) Add the Condor Motorcycle Garage Dolly to your cart

2) Add the Height Assist Footrest for Garage Dolly

3) Open your cart and use coupon code FreeHAF

Or order by phone at 800-461-1344. 

Click to view Condor Motorcycle Garage Dolly product page

The Height Assist Footrests are powder coated steel brackets that attach easily to the sides of the Garage Dolly, and offer the user a place to plant their feet to help when getting on and off the bike, and to provide more leverage to remove the bike from the Dolly. It’s great for motorcycles with tall seat heights, and for folks with shorter inseams. 


Take a look at our new video to see just how simple it is to move your motorcycle around in your garage.  You can now easily roll or swivel your bike to place it exactly where you want it to save space and keep it safe and out of the way.

Click Here to Watch The Motorcycle Garage Dolly In Action!
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