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Condor Products is offering an exciting new Trade-up / Trade-in program

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Trade in / Trade Up

Condor is pleased to announce an exciting new benefit, to thank all our loyal customers.

For a limited time only, Condor Products is offering an exciting new “Trade-up / Trade-in” program for new purchases only from our retail customers.  If you own any Condor Wheel Chock, whether it’s a Pit Stop, Trailer-Only model, Chopper Chock, or a Scooter Chock, it’s worth money towards a brand new Condor Garage Dolly, another brand new Condor wheel chock, or even a T-Ramp Trailer/Ramp System.

So, for example, if you have a Trailer-Only model and want a Pit Stop, you can trade in your old chock, and trade up to a Pit Stop.  Or, if you have a Chopper Chock, but no longer own the chopper, you can trade that in, and trade up for a Pit Stop or a Garage Dolly. 

We will credit you towards the purchase of your new Dolly or wheel chock, after we receive the old chock that you ship back to us, and are ready to ship the new one to you.  You will have to call us on the telephone at 800-461-1344 take advantage of this program.   This can’t be done through our website online.

Your Chopper Chock has a trade-in credit value of $120, a Pit Stop has a trade-in credit value of $100.00.  A Trailer-Only model has a trade-in credit value $60, and your Scooter Chock has a trade-in credit value of $50.

Pit Stop (Part# PS-1500)
Trade-in Value: $100
Trailer-Only Model (Part# SC-2000)
Trade-in Value: $60
Chopper Chock ( Part# CHCK-1500 120 )
Trade-in Value: $120
Scooter Chock (Part# SCC-4000)
Trade-in Value: $50

Also, we have just developed a Garage Dolly Trailer Adapter Kit, so you can now secure the Garage Dolly to the floor of a trailer platform for those times when you need to haul your motorcycle in a trailer.  Now the Garage Dolly can double as the perfect tool to roll your motorcycle around inside your garage to place it out of the way to save space, AND be able to use it as a wheel chock to safely haul your motorcycle in a trailer.

The Garage Dolly’s other optional accessories include our Dolly Extension, for long wheelbase custom motorcycles, and our Height Assist Footrests, for extra leverage to help you remove your bike from the Dolly. 

So don’t delay, call us today, at 800-461-1344.  Put your old chock to work to get the new Condor Garage Dolly or wheel chock you want. This offer ends on January 18, 2017.

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