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Condor Products Cycle Loader

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Condor Products Cycle Loader - Allstate and BMW Towing Procedures

Condor Cycle LoaderCondor Products Cycle Loader

If you recover stranded motorcycles on a flatbed tow truck, the Condor Cycle Loader will make your job a snap! 

Just lock the brakes on the unit’s wheels so they won’t slide, and then roll the motorcycle into the patented adjustable cradle (which will accommodate all motorcycle wheel and tire sizes). Unlock the front wheel’s brakes.

Use two ratchet tie down straps to secure the front end of the motorcycle to the eye bolts on the unit’s front wheels, and simply winch the Cycle Loader and motorcycle up onto the truck.  Once in position, two more tie down straps near the rear of the bike are all that’s necessary to secure for towing.  And since the Condor Cycle Loader holds the motorcycle so securely, you don’t have to overtighten the straps, which could cause damage to sensitive suspension components. 

It’s easy for one person to operate and the Cycle Loader works on all road surfaces.

When not in use the Cycle Loader breaks down easily and can be stored in a truck’s toolbox, or you can get the Cycle Loader Mounting Kit, which can be mounted on the deck of the rollback truck, or even on a garage wall, to store the Cycle Loader fully assembled and ready to roll.

Cycle Loader Mounting ConfigCycle Loader Mounting Config

The Allstate Roadside Assistance Program in conjunction with the BMW Owners group, recommends a Condor Cycle Loader for recovering motorcycles, and holds education sessions at towing events to teach towing operators how to use it.

Other roadside assistance companies, including the Harley Owners Group, also require a Condor, so owners of expensive motorcycles know that their bikes won’t be damaged.  It’s peace of mind for the tow operator and the customer.

And don’t just take our word for it, read some the Amazon reviews from tow operators who own them:

Cycle Loader 5 Star Amazon Reviews

"Five Stars" by Harley on December 23, 2014
Verified Purchase
“I Love this loading dolly! It makes everything so much easier!”

"Awesome" by Pearl on August 30, 2014
Verified Purchase
“Awesome product. It's made my job a lot easier. I have a towing business and it works great for me!”

"Very happy with Condor Cycle Loader" by JC on December 30, 2012
Verified Purchase
“I purchased the Condor Cycle Loader, took a training class where they trained us on loading a motorcycle on a flatbed tow truck using a Condor. I take pride in my recovery work, and the Condor is a very important tool to have. I know people take pride in their bikes and when they have a problem and need a tow, I want them to know I tow it with pride in my service, with the Condor Cycle Loader. I'm very happy with my Condor Cycle Loader!”

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Video Demo

Here’s a brief video on how the Cycle Loader Works.

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