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Condor Heads to the Sunshine State

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Condor Heads to the Sunshine State
Well, if the calendar says it’s March, that means that Daytona Bike Week is finally here! And we won’t be sorry to say goodbye to the winter of 2016. The Condor Road Crew is heading down to sunny, warm Daytona and will again be set up at Destination Daytona.
We can’t wait to show off our newest breakthrough product, the Motorcycle Garage Dolly, which has been wowing crowds for the last 3 weeks since we unveiled it. People were amazed by how easy it is to use our Dolly.
You simply lower the four rubber brakes so the unit won’t slide. Then roll any size or type motorcycle onto the Dolly and into our famous patented adjustable wheel chock. Then release the brakes, and the dolly will swivel and roll your motorcycle around your garage, to place it anywhere you want. It rides on 4-inch wheels so it will roll easily over floor cracks, seams, or rough concrete garage surfaces.
Now it’s easy to place your bike into an out-of-the-way garage nook for storage, or move it around for servicing and detailing, or just to keep it safe and out of harm's way.
So come see us at Destination Daytona and check out the new Motorcycle Garage Dolly, as well as our T-Ramp Trailer / Ramp System, and all our chocks and motorcycle accessories. We’ll have some great Show Specials to save you money!
And remember to visit our Facebook page and our website to see our T-Ramp video.
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And remember to visit our Facebook page and our website to see our T-Ramp video.