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Condor Chocks

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Pit Stop/Trailer StopPit Stop Chock

The aluminum Pit Stop/Trailer Stop is our most versatile wheel chock.  Use it every day in your garage to hold your motorcycle upright, so it takes up less room than on your side stand, and to check fluids, or to easily service and detail your bike.

Then if you wish to transport your bike in the bed of your pick-up truck, just place it at the front of the bed, and load your motorcycle - with no mounting or drilling necessary.  If you wish to use it on any trailer platform, our Trailer Adapter Kit, or Universal E-Track Adapter Kit will allow you to mount the Pit Stop/Trailer Stop in seconds, and haul your bike safely and securely requiring only two tie down straps for most bikes.  And because the Pit Stop will hold your bike so securely, you won’t have to overtighten the straps and risk damage to the suspension components or fork seals. 

Our patented adjustable cradle adjusts to fit almost all stock tire sizes and wheels, from big Cruisers and Touring bikes, to Sport Tourers and Sport Bikes, and even dirt bikes. 

Trailer Only Chock

Trailer-Only Chock

Our steel Trailer-Only chock, does everything our Pit Stop model does, except that it must be secured to the floor of a trailer platform. It has the same adjustable cradle for all types of motorcycles, and it usually requires only two tie down straps to secure your bike for safe and secure transport.  The Trailer-Only chock comes with two steel mounting brackets that remain on the floor of your trailer, and can be removed or installed with four thumb screws. It can also be used with our Universal E-Track adapter kit for greater flexibility in locating your bike in your trailer.

Chopper ChockChopper Chock

Our free-standing aluminum Chopper Chock is specifically designed for choppers with raked out front forks, low slung hugger fenders, and those new huge front tires and wheels.  It has a special adjustable cradle that can be ordered in sizes for 90mm tires, 120mm, 130mm, 140mm and 150mm, and can handle wheels up to 34”.  The Chopper Chock cradles only touch the sidewalls of your tire, and won’t damage fenders.  And it comes with a Boomerang Bar, for additional stability in your garage, or while trailering.  It can be used with either our Trailer Adapter Kit, or Universal E-Track Adapter Kit, to transport your chopper on any trailer platform.

Scooter Chock

Scooter Chock

Our scooter chock is a smaller version of our Trailer-only model, and is specifically designed with a cradle to adjust for the various smaller scooter wheels and tires.  It can mount on any trailer platform with the mounting brackets included, or it can be fitted with our Scooter Chock Floor Adapter kit, so it can be used as a free-standing unit.   Nothing else will secure your scooter like a Condor Scooter Chock.