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Pit Stop/Trailer Stop
The aluminum Pit Stop/Trailer Stop is our most versatile wheel chock.  Use it every day in your garage to hold your motorcycle upright, so it takes up less room than on your side stand, and to check fluids, or to easily service and detail your bike.
Then if you wish to transport your bike in the bed of your pick-up truck, just place it at the front of the bed, and load your motorcycle - with no mounting or drilling necessary.  If you wish to use it on any ...

Condor Self Loader
Increase your towing capabilities with the Condor® Towing Self-Loader. Our Towing Self-Loader is specially designed for wreckers self-loaders, to use in transporting all types and sizes of motorcycles safely, securely and efficiently, in all kinds of weather, on all kinds of surfaces. And it requires only one operator to do it. This easy to use kit incorporates our patented fully adjustable wheel locking mechanism to support any bike in an upright and secur...

Condor Cycle Loader
If you recover stranded motorcycles on a flatbed tow truck, the Condor Cycle Loader will make your job a snap! 
Just lock the brakes on the unit’s wheels so they won’t slide, and then roll the motorcycle into the patented adjustable cradle (which will accommodate all motorcycle wheel and tire sizes). Unlock the front wheel’s brakes.
Use two ratchet tie down straps to secure the front end of the motorcycle to the eye bolts on the unit&rs...
The light-weight, yet sturdy aluminum deck folds out to a 12-foot long x 5-foot wide platform that makes loading a motorcycle into a Pick-up truck bed safe and easy. Both feet can touch the deck all the way up and down. No more white knuckle rides.
To trailer, simply push a button on the wireless remote control, and the Linear Actuator quickly lowers the ramp into the tr...

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