What We Do

Innovating Unique Concepts And Solutions – If you need to figure something out, our unique skills and creative minds can conceptualize any number of possibilities for your solution. We love a good challenge, and finding simple, cost effective ways to do things better is what we are all about.

Engineering To Your Specifications – We take the time to find out exactly what you need, based on the parameters that you have determined. We always think 10 steps ahead, making sure that every possible scenario has been considered and accounted for in our design, so you can have a durable and dependable solution.

Creating Testable Prototypes – Our abilities include quick prototyping, so that your solution is ready to test proof of concept as fast as possible. We rely on hard data and physical reality to make sure what we make is going work beyond expectation, and stand the test of time and pressure.

Optimizing Manufacturing Processes – We have generations of experience in design and manufacturing, so you can be confident that your solution will be produced in the most efficient way, with an exceptional emphasis on quality control.

Safe And Secure Packaging Options – We are well known for our products making it to the customer safe and intact, no matter what the shipping industry “throws” at us. Be confident that your items will arrive in the same quality condition they left our facility.

Product Implementation – We support all of our products real time. When your product hits the field, rest assured that we are there to help with instruction manuals, training guides, and user support from day one.

Marketing And Sales Strategies – We couldn’t find anyone that understands our market like we do, so we had to learn how to most effectively get our products in front of the people that use them. When we finally found a new team to help us in the digital age, the combination of our market knowledge and their tech savvy has helped get us in front of more eyes all over the world.

Put our unique skills and creative minds to work for you today!

Some Quick History

CONDOR® Products was established in 1999 as a small family business, with a single patented product: the Pit Stop/Trailer Stop wheel chock. It was designed and engineered for use in a garage to hold any motorcycle upright and be used to safely and securely transport any motorcycle on all trailer platforms. Today, CONDOR® has grown to be the largest manufacturer of motorcycle wheel chocks and other quality products for garage utility, trailering applications, and towing & recovery services. The CONDOR® brand is also recognized around the world to stand for the highest quality in design and manufacturing.

Today, CONDOR® still travels the country selling and demonstrating our products at shows and venues from coast to coast. Our Direct marketing team has been called by other vendors who travel the circuit “The Hardest Working Crew in the Business.” We’ve been a fixture at the Sturgis Rally, Daytona Bike Week, the Laughlin River Run, Biketoberfest, and all of the indoor International Motorcycle Shows since the company started.

In addition to the products that CONDOR® manufactures and sells through our website and a network of motorcycle and trailer dealers around the world, we also produce private label products for others. But, at our core, we are still a design and engineering company. We frequently work with numerous companies to solve problems and engineer solutions in a variety of industries, including the long-haul trucking, logistics, and transportation fields. Chances are, if you see a semi-trailer on the road carrying motorcycles, CONDOR® had something to do with making sure those bikes arrive to their destinations safe and secure.

Everyone at CONDOR® Products is proud of what we do and the quality of the products we manufacture right here in the USA. As we continue to introduce new and innovative products, they will all live up to the quality reputation we’ve worked so hard to achieve. As we like to say, “We don’t make acceptable products; we only make exceptional products.”