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About Condor Products

Condor Products was established in 1999 with a single patented product, the Pit Stop/Trailer Stop wheel chock. It was designed and engineered for use in a garage to hold any motorcycle upright to take up less space, to work on it, to check fluids, etc. Also, it can be used to safely and securely transport any motorcycle on all trailer platforms. Today, Condor has grown to be the largest manufacturer of motorcycle wheel chocks, and other motorcycle products for garage and trailer use. The Condor brand is also recognized around the world and stands for the highest quality in design and manufacturing. And, all our products are proudly manufactured in Cortland, Illinois. Made in America is the cornerstone of Condor Product’s Mission Statement.

Condor Products owner, Teffy Chamoun, was an amateur motorcycle road racer. When he couldn’t find a device that would allow him to trailer his race bike around to different racetracks, safely and securely, without using half a dozen tie down straps, and risking damage to expensive and sensitive suspension components, he decided to make one. Chamoun was an engineer by education and training, and worked for the Motorola Corporation, with his name on dozens of patents for the company. So, he quickly set his sights on the task at hand and secured a patent for the famous Condor Adjustable Cradle, that allowed virtually any size stock wheel and tire to fit the device, so one chock would accommodate sport bikes, cruiser bikes, touring and dirt bikes.

When his fellow racers saw his aluminum and steel creation, they begged for one or two Pit Stop/Trailer Stops for their own trailers and garage—Condor Products was born. So he left Motorola and started making wheel chocks in his garage, traveling the country with his wife to demonstrate them at motorcycle race tracks and bike rallies. As orders kept coming in and motorcycle dealerships came on board, Chamoun quickly moved into a new factory and production ramped up. Today, over 250,000 Pit Stops are in garages and trailers all over America and Europe.

The Pit Stop was just the first in a family of wheel chocks. Next came the all-steel Trailer-Only model, which required it to be mounted to a trailer and not used as a free-standing unit. But it was designed for a customer to save some money if he only needed it for use in his trailer. Then the Chopper craze began and bikes with extended front ends, skinny tires, and low slung hugger fenders became the rage. So, Condor engineered a special cradle with extra support and stability for the long raked out forks, and the Chopper Chock was born. When gas prices spiked, as did sales of scooters, the Scooter Chock was introduced, which is specially designed for their small front tires. So, Condor produces a chock for any two-wheeled cycle on the market.

Today, Condor still travels the country showing and demonstrating our products at 35 shows and venues from coast to coast. Our Road Crew has been called by other vendors who travel the circuit “The Hardest Working Crew in the Business.” We’ve been a fixture at the Sturgis Rally, Daytona Bike Week, the Laughlin River Run, Biketoberfest, and all of the indoor International Motorcycle Shows since the company started.

One day, Chamoun’s motorcycle broke down miles away from home and he had to call a tow truck. When the flatbed truck showed up, the two guys just rolled the bike onto the bed, put the kickstand down, and had to tie the bike down with 8 tie-down straps, and it still looked like it might fall over. It didn’t, but the handlebars got bent. So, he designed the Cycle Loader for flat-bed trucks and the Self Loader for wrecker-style trucks, revolutionizing the Towing & Recovery industry in how they transport disabled motorcycles. Now, Condor is the #1 name in the Towing & Recovery industry, and many Roadside Assistance companies require all their tow operators to use a Condor Cycle Loader or Self Loader to recover their customers' bikes.

Our most recent product is the Garage Dolly. It is designed to allow any size motorcycle to be moved around in a customer’s garage quickly and easily, to place it in an out-of-the-way spot to create more room in the garage. And, it can also be mounted in a trailer, like any of our wheel chocks, to transport any bike safely and securely. And, we have an accessory for long wheelbase Baggers and tall front tire bikes that have become all the rage. The Garage Dolly is the first in a family of products, as we will soon introduce another device that will transform garages around the country. Stay tuned for that product launch.

In addition to the products that Condor manufactures and sells through our website and a network of motorcycle and trailer dealers around the world, we also produce private label products for others. But, at our core, we are still a design and engineering company. We work with our customers on small projects like adapting our chocks to accommodate 350mm rear tires or unusually fat front tires. We have made one-off parts for customer trailers or Toy Haulers that need specialized equipment and capabilities. We constantly work with various companies to solve problems and engineer solutions in a myriad of industries, including the long haul trucking and transportation arena. In fact, every Harley-Davidson motorcycle that leaves their factory and is transported in a semi-trailer truck is riding on something that Condor Products designed and manufactured.

Everyone at Condor Products is proud of what we do and the quality of the products we manufacture right here in the USA. As we continue to introduce new and innovative products, they will all live up to the quality reputation we’ve worked so hard to achieve. As we like to say, “We don’t make acceptable products; we only make exceptional products.”

See you on the road . . .